Where Are Our Black Heroes?

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Where are our Black heroes?  Why is it so hard to find a Black leader without the negative connotations attributed to them?  Why do we let the media define who our heroes are?  Are we nothing more than sheep grazing in the pasture waiting to be led to slaughter?

If you haven’t notice, the media is whitewashed. Think of all the superheroes.  How many black superheroes come to mind?  If you thought of any at all, you can count them on one hand.  Have you ever wondered why this is?  It is by systematic design.

There is a concentrated effort committed by the powers that be to destroy and supplant any images of Black superiority.  This is evident from early in our childhood development.  Unless you have parents who are conscious of their true origin, you won’t be exposed to Black heroes until you start school and are exposed to Black History Month, the shortest month of the year by the way.  And even then, the history of Black people doesn’t go beyond our enslavement here on the shores of America.

This happens because we let it.  We let our oppressors educate us.  We let an open enemy teach us who we are.  This enemy knows the power of the mind.  This enemy knows that the mind doesn’t think in black and white words, but thinks in vivid images.  These are the images which the enemy supplants in our mind.  It is simple.  If you can control the images that go into the mind and you can control the way a person thinks.

Your brain is a holographic computer.  Everything you see is a recreation in the mind’s eye.  This is why when you close your eyes you can still see everything in your mind.  The enemy knows that if they put their image inside of your head, you will see them as great and yourself as inferior.  This is a simple formula that has worked for centuries.

The question becomes how do we break this subliminal programming?  We must first give him back everything he has given us.  We must give back his Jesus, his Muhammad, his Moses, his Santa Claus, his Superman, his blondes have more fun concept, his white is right concept, his angel food cake as yellow concept, his devil food cake is chocolate concept, etc.  These are the subliminal concepts that puts into the minds of our people early in life that they are superior and we are inferior.

Next we must embrace our culture.  Here in America, we have accepted this bastardized American culture which doesn’t identify with Africa.  The Irish, Italian, Greek, etc people here embrace their culture.  It is reflected in their neighborhoods and communities.  How does damn near all of America become Irish on St. Patrick’s Day wearing green and clovers?  You don’t see all of America in Kente cloth or Dashikis during Black History Month.

There is little that “African Americans” do that is African.  Our culture has become fried chicken and watermelon.  What’s funny is that in some Black neighborhoods, the Chinese restaurant has the best wings!  The point is that we have no real culture here In the U.S.

With our people embracing our culture, we will naturally embrace our leaders who reflect our African culture.  Our leaders will guide us in directions that don’t try to break the glass ceiling but rather create our own buildings whose heights are set for us and by us reaching the heavens.  Embracing our culture, our spiritual powers, and our ancestry that extends beyond the shores of America is the only direction that a leader should lead us.  Then we will define our heroes by our standards, not any one else’s.

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Where Are Our Black Heroes?

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Where Are Our Black Heroes?

This article was published on 2012/03/07
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