Why is it Very Important to Keep Your Surroundings Clean and Tidy!

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The world is growing smaller and the people living in the world are becoming more with the increase in population. During the olden days people had plenty of unused land around them. Today, the scenario has changed completely; the forests have been cut down leading to deforestation. The rural areas have been transformed into urban. Due to these factors, you will not be able to see any space even in the country sides. Urbanization has brought about pollution in the atmosphere and the air we breathe in and out is also contaminated in many areas around the world. Most of the cities are completely crowded. Due to all these factors there are lot many problems that are arising out of it. If we visit some of the cities in various parts of the world, they are not very clean, while we have cities like Singapore and Malaysia that are clean. They can be set as examples of being clean cities.

Apart from all these factors it is really important for us to keep our surroundings clean. Although, in many parts of the world this has been channelized, it is not up to the mark. When you visit some parts of Asia, we will find people spiting where ever they like. Not only this some of them even urinate in public areas and these pollute surroundings to a large extent. In most of the residential areas you will find garbage thrown everywhere. This becomes difficult even for the garbage collectors to collect the garbage that is everywhere around. In places of industries, the industries thrown all the garbage in the nearby rivers, some of the harmful chemicals can even pollute the running water in the rivers. This is very common in the developing and the under-developed countries. Due to these factors there are many diseases spreading very rapidly. The most common out of them are the viral infections. It is very hard to control viral infections because of their speed. Most often these viral infections would have spread to most residents in an area. It is only then people realize that a viral infection is spreading. This could sometimes turn out to be very serious. Although there are enough medicines, sometimes it becomes a hard task to get this under control.

The spread of these viral infections and many other diseases can be controlled if we keep our surroundings clean. The first and foremost that is necessary for people to do is to take up responsibility. When I say responsibility it does not mean we need to go and clean our neighbor’s premises. This is not possible and does not sound practical. It is more than enough if each one the residents ensure to keep their premises clean. When this is ensured for us, this can be addressed to our neighbors as well. If there are needs then we can go ahead and help them in doing so. Living in a residential area, it is always important to have a common place to extract the wastes from our houses. When we do this we need to ensure that the garbage does not get accumulated and it is cleared as soon as possible. Garbage accumulation could lead to sprouting of further diseases. At times it gives a chance for mosquitoes and other insects to breed. One of the points to remember at this point of time is that mosquitoes can also spread diseases and I know a few of my friends who were admitted in the hospital for mosquito bites. With the development of Fast Internet, we can get plenty of ideas to keep our surroundings clean. All we need to do is turn some pages and implement them for our best.

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Why is it Very Important to Keep Your Surroundings Clean and Tidy!

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Why is it Very Important to Keep Your Surroundings Clean and Tidy!

This article was published on 2012/02/16
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